The Tamil Festival Australia 2021

By Our Reporter

A day-long event bringing Tamil Australians and the Wider Australian Community together on a Virtual Platform enriched by the Global Tamil Collaboration to celebrate Thai Pongal, Nature and the Diverse Cultures of Australia

Tamil Australians celebrate the ‘Thai Pongal’ Festival with a series of pre-events leading up to the main event on the 17th of January, 2021 on the virtual event platform—  It is a collective effort of several Tamil community organisations and designed to provide a great cultural experience and entertainment for the whole family.

Australia is home to thousands of Tamils from various countries, including Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius and South Africa. We hope that this event forms a unique—united face that reflects their vibrant existence.

Respecting and being thankful to the nature is an inherent aspect of the Tamil Heritage. Ancient Tamils had effective sustainable farming practices. They celebrated the nature and cattle for being integral part of their successful lives. The celebration falls on the first day of the first month ‘Thai’ in the Tamil Calendar. ‘Pongal’ means ‘to overflow’ in harvest and joy. The celebration is named as ‘Thai Pongal’. ‘Thai Pongal—Festival of thanksgiving to the nature’ is one of the most important festivals for Tamils living throughout the world. It brings families and friends together to praise the nature and to celebrate peace, abundance, and happiness.

The event, which celebrates nature and culture, features a variety of cultural programs and exhibitions, which reflects the richness of Tamil Heritage and the Australia’s cultural diversity, traditional games and many more items.

Further details can be obtained from or by calling 0420940040, 0403474145, 0403436970, 0410348448

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