For Melbourne real estate, online inspections are on, but it’s still a waiting game

By Hari Yellina
Photo by Krista Purmale on Unsplash

Amidst the devastating news surrounding the pandemic, the real estate domain in Melbourne can breathe a sigh of relief as it may get to kickstart operations soon. However, government guidelines state that only if the average daily cases are fewer than five, will agents be allowed to hold private inspections and outdoor auctions. The government has also made it clear that it is only allowing services related to property settlement and matters related to the leasing of a property to commence from 26 October.

For the time being the spring Melbourne market will only be conducting online inspections for a few more weeks to come. So, it’s still some good news for buyers and sellers in Melbourne

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews first proposed this revival of services. Andrews had concocted a five-step plan that would effectively help the nation to come out from the lockdown gradually. Which means that if everything goes according to his plan, the fourth step will be put into effect by 23 November, where along with real estate, all retail is set to open as well. However, for this to happen there must be no new cases.

The restrictions in the real estate industry came into action in mid-March as on-site auctions were banned. However, auctions were halted again in August, during step four of the plan. Under this ban, inspections of properties were also not carried out.

So, we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that no new cases are reported in the coming weeks. The real estate domain is all set to spread its wings and soar to new heights, but for now it’s a waiting game.

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