Bridging two worlds

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Ajay Pasupulate

IT consultant and community leader Ajay Pasupulate believes in creating opportunities for the multicultural society at large

Ajay Pasupulate is that rare blend of two diverse worlds. It’s not just geographically—he grew up in India and then migrated to Australia, but also in terms of his profession and passion. A reputed IT consultant on the one hand, Ajay is also a versatile free style dancer and India folk dance choreographer. The combination is hard enough to find, but Ajay makes it look easy as well.

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Ajay’s family were involved in the Indian film industry. “It instilled in me a passion for the arts,” says Ajay.

Ajay came to Australia in 2002 and settled into Melbourne as his second home. He completed a graduate degree in Project Management from Victoria University and then began working as an IT consultant, a field he has been in for the last 15 years.

In 2015, he founded the Australian Multicultural Association Inc of which he is the president. “My family was also actively involved with NGOs and that helped inculcate in me a sense of leadership. It has also made me want to create a sense of community here and embark on welfare projects,” says Ajay who is also former vice president of the Australian Telangana Association.

He has actively participated in events conducted by Padamati Sandhya Ragalu, popularly known as PSR, in Melbourne western suburbs, where he says his journey began as a community leader.

In 2014, he played a key role in organizing the Telangana ‘Bathukamma’ flower festival by bringing popular Telugu TV anchor Ravi from India to host the event in 2014. He also worked with MAA TV program director Victor Ratnam to shoot 13 episodes of popular Telugu cookery show Maa Oori vanta and a documentary on Indians living in Melbourne. “It was called ‘ATAI bathukamma sambaralu’,” says Ajay adding that it was a hit among those living in Australia.

He has held several other positions as advisory board member for Melton City Council CALDAC.

In 2019, he was nominated for the ‘Community services excellence award’ by IABCA—India Australia Business and Community Awards, and as Citizen of the Year by Melton City Council.

“Over the years I have observed that there is a gap in the community in several areas. Especially in terms of support for Indian students. I have initiated the ‘AMA Indian Student Services’ group to help this vulnerable group,” says Ajay.

To promote Indian cultural and arts in large, Ajay has initiated the ‘AMA Arts academy’ to teach Indian classical music, dance, fine arts, and film making under one-roof with multiple centers in Australia. “This will create opportunities for talented people,” he says.

He has also initiated the 979FM Telugu radio program ‘Meekosam’ in Australia as well as the ‘Desi Empower Women of Australia’ program in collaboration with community leaders.

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