Say Good Morning with Nutella in your own way

By Our Reporter
Chef Miguel Maestre

Nutella releases limited edition jars, celebrity chef Miguel Maestre creates bespoke Nutella breakfast recipes to celebrate the launch

G’day! Nutella is celebrating multiculturalism with the release of limited edition ‘Good Morning’ jars, with the phrase expressed in various languages. Acknowledging the cultural diversity in Australia and the many ways we say good morning, Nutella is now encouraging customers to share their favourite ways they enjoy breakfast.

In line with the launch, Nutella has partnered with Spanish-born Australian chef, author and television presenter, Miguel Maestre. Inspired by his heritage, Miguel has created bespoke breakfast recipes, each with a Nutella flare.

Two of his favourite traditional Spanish breakfast recipes, Spanish Orange Magdalenes and his Mama Florentina Palmeritas, have been re-invented with the addition of the iconic hazelnut spread.

Commenting on the partnership, Miguel Maestre said, “I am excited to be able to share my favourite Spanish breakfast recipes and to re-invent them with Nutella. I am passionate about Nutella—who doesn’t love chocolate and hazelnuts?! As a loyal customer myself, this collaboration was a match made in heaven.

“Australia is one of the most multicultural nations in the world. We are so lucky to have so many diverse and unique flavours come together in the one place.

“Breakfast is enjoyed differently by various cultures and for that reason, it is one of my favourite meals. I couldn’t be more excited for everyone to try out some of the ways that I like to enjoy it,” adds Maestre.

Miguel’s two bespoke breakfast recipes can be accessed via these links:

Spanish Orange Madgalenes with Nutella

Miguel’s Mama Florentina Palmeritas with Nutella

Nutella’s limited edition Good Morning jars are now available nationwide in leading supermarkets. For those who can’t find their greetings in-store, customers can visit and request their own good morning greeting. While stocks last.


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