“The Unlisted”—Time to list it on your “to do” list

By Bhushan Salunke
Cast of 'The Unlisted'

The premiere of The Unlisted was held at the Govindas Cinemas, Darlinghurst, on 4 September at 5 pm

The Unlisted, an action-packed sci-fi drama thriller aimed at the tween and teen market, tells the story of 13-year-old identical twins who team up with a group of underground vigilante to stop a powerful and wealthy corporation from imposing control over the world’s youth.

The uniqueness of The Unlisted is that it depicts the multi-cultural diversity and inclusiveness of the modern Australian society, in its cast

Commissioned by the ABC, the series was funded by Screen Australia and Create NSW. Netflix has acquired the global rights to screen it outside of Australia.

The uniqueness of The Unlisted is that it depicts the multi-cultural diversity and inclusiveness of the modern Australian society, in its cast.

Aquarius Films’ (of Lion fame), Angie Fielder and Polly Staniford have produced the 15-part half-hour series created by Justine Flynn, who is the executive producer and has directed two episodes.

The entire cast of The Unlisted was at the premiere, at which two episodes were screened. Judging by the episodes, I suggest that you don’t cut your finger nails. This drama is headed for a nail-biting finish.

The screening was followed by Q&A session with the cast and crew. The young actors shared their experiences gained during the making of the drama, recounting interesting anecdotes.

The Australian-Indian community would be thrilled to know that The Unlisted has Indian content. The lead actors are 13-year old twin Indian-origin boys, Ved & Vrund Rao, who have put up an excellent performance.

The drama even has an overbearing but doting dadi (grandmother) who lends an Indian ambience to the story, complete with Diwali celebrations and visits to the Indian spice shop.

It will be shown on ABC TV from 15 September at 5.30pm as well on ABC iView.

Mithila Gupta

A key contributor to the drama is Mithila Gupta, who is one of the script writers for The Unlisted.

Mithila started her screenwriting career with the ever-popular Australian icon, Neighbours in 2010, in which she was responsible in introducing an Indian family to the regular cast of Ramsay Street. She went on to script, edit and write for the show.

Mithila has been a screenwriter for many Australian TV dramas: Five Bedrooms, Doctor Doctor, The Heights, Playing for Keeps, Winners and Losers, Home And Away, Trip for Biscuits, Toybox & Cleverman.

Along with these interesting projects, Mithila is currently engaged in developing an Aussie-Bollywood feature film, Salsa Masala, which has gained Mithila entry into Film Victoria’s Catapult Concept Lab in 2012 and has since received development funding from Film Victoria, Screen Australia and Scripted Ink.

Mithila is also developing a comedy series about a big fat Indian gay Aboriginal wedding—Spousemates—co-created with Mahjid Heath.

Mithila’s career ambition is to diversify the industry; both in front of and behind the camera, to reflect the true multicultural nature of the society we live in. She said, “True inclusion begins on the page, through the story.”

Mithila is a founding member of the Australian Writer’s Guild’s first ever Diversity and Inclusion committee.


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