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Parm Singh of Wemark talks to The Indian Sun about his journey to building a life and a career in Australia. And why he thinks the country has it all

Life changed for Parm Singh in 2015, when he injured his back and had to go through multiple surgeries. A stressful time for him and his loved ones, he now believes it made him always see the positives in life. “There were lots of sleepless and painful nights but I fought each of them as a new challenge,” says Parm, principal and director of Wemark, one of the top real estate agents in Adelaide.

“I utilised that time recuperating to finish my real estate and HR studies,” says Parm. “I went to see some major real estate companies and they offered me a job, but that was also when I began thinking of building my own brand. My friend Janak motivated me.”

After half a year of efforts in designing the logo and naming the business, Parm decided on the name Wemark, because he wanted his company to make an impact on the market. “I was joined by a very special person Paresh Shah who is a very major part of Wemark’s success. Then came Mr. Chirah Chavda and Kalpesh who are integral to the firm. And Sadeeq Al Khalidi, a support and a motivator for day to day office life.”

Parm moved to Australia in 2008, with, as he says, “the dream to achieve”. In Australia, he started working with The Salvation Army in hospitality and excelled to a management position in a few years. After seven years there he moved to the Compass group as facility manager where he managed 40 employees.

➤ How did your first job in customer service set the foundation for your career path?

Customer Service is not just a department, it is the lifeline of any business. We are aware of the fact that “Great Service = Delighted Customer = Prosperous Business”.

I love to interact with clients and help them achieve their desired goals. This started from the very first day of my job.

➤ Let’s talk about your transition to the Australian lifestyle. How did you cope with the changes here?

I love Australia and its people. It wasn’t much of a cultural shock for me as I have travelled to many countries. I love that Australia has it all when it comes to landscapes. As well as the beautiful beaches, Australia is also home to incredible national parks, rainforests, and desert. The landscape truly differs from state to state, which is why this country is so fun to explore! I love traveling and photography so this is the perfect spot for me.

➤ What do you like about Adelaide and South Australia?

I love Adelaide and I can proudly call it my home. I have travelled to other cities but I love the laidback temperament of Adelaide. Nothing is too far away. The beach is always 20-30 mins no matter where you live in Adelaide.

➤ Business partners and associates seem to be a big driving force in your business. Can you elaborate on how they help you in your day to day work?

Without my industry associates, I will not be here where I am now. I work closely with all of them. We catch up on weekly basis to check status on referrals and outcomes.

Parm Singh
➤ What about your social network in Adelaide?

Since the start of Wemark, we have been actively involved in the community. We have sponsored several community events such as fundraisers, festivals, and music shows. Recently we sponsored and enjoyed Vehra Trinjna da and Deep Jandu and Karan Aujla Live shows.

➤ Can you give us a rundown on the real estate scene in Adelaide?

Recent data shows growth in Adelaide’s prices has outpaced inflation by an average of 2.5 percentage points each year for the past five years.

While homes in Adelaide did not post double-digit value appreciation like Sydney and Melbourne in that time, it would also not experience the vast decline expected to hit the two larger cities this year.

Wemark has emerged through ingenuity, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking. We are an independently owned and operated company. We offer diversified real estate services and skills, in residential property sales and property management. Our team is specialised and possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Adelaide market requirement. We understand our client’s requirements and provide them with quality advice and local knowledge.

Our motto is to save clients time, money and aggravation while buying, selling or leasing out their property. We adhere to our client needs and guide them to achieve their desired real estate outcomes.

We service all Adelaide metro and some regional. We provide residential and commercial real estate services to our clients.

We have our office in Holden hill and now expanding to our second location In Blair Athol.


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