Giving back, one smile at a time

By Our Reporter
Nilam Panchal

Why Nilam Panchal donated her hair to help make wigs for those with cancer

‘I won nine big smiles,’ says Nilam Panchal. The director of Nil Group Pty Ltd counts the recent achievement as not just her biggest but her most precious. More than the fact that she also heads several other companies like 7 Laser and Dharma Productions Melbourne, and was instrumental in helping her company acquire the 33-year-old company T & P Steel Fabrications in 2016.

“The nine smiles are a reminder to me at how every individual can help. I had wanted to give back to the community, especially to those affected by cancer, and so had donated 12 inches of my hair. The Cancer Council recently informed me that they can make 9 wigs from my hair. So that’s nine big smiles from little girls undergoing chemo,” says Nilam.

The architect moved from Ahmedabad, India to Melbourne in 2010. Giving back to the community, she says, has always been her priority, which is why she also donated her first salary ($1,000) to Cancer Council Victoria.

Nilam lives in Wantirna with her husband Dhaval and 12-year-old son Daksh. She used to  work for Coles as a customer service supervisor, before she got on board as director of Nil Group Pty Ltd. Panchal is also the ambassador of AFL, Stay well, Footscray Diwali 2018, and Melbourne Ganesh Festival 2018.

T & P Steel Fabrications provides services to engineering and commercial, mining and residential building sectors and expertise in metal fabrication solutions.

“I wanted to set an example for my son by giving back to the community. All I am hoping is that after reading my story, at least one person will pay it forward and do something for the community in their own way.” And create a tenth big smile, perhaps.


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