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Ganesh Loke
Ganesh Loke

Ganesh Loke on the United Australia Party’s road map for Parramatta

Entrepreneur, social activist, movie producer, writer and motivational speaker, Ganesh Loke wears many hats, but always with the single-minded goal of bringing change in society. So, it wasn’t surprising when six years ago Ganesh decided to throw his hat into the ring as well. Ganesh contested a Federal election in Sydney’s Parramatta seat in 2013 representing United Australia Party (then the Palmer United Party). And will contest again in the upcoming elections.

Ganesh came to Australia 20 years ago with only $500 in his pocket. But with his determined and motivated approach, he has straddled diverse careers with ease.

Ganesh has written and produced Bollywood movies based on social themes such as: Sarfaroshi: the war against system (2014). In 2016, Ganesh wrote and produced Australian short film Let’s change the world and in 2017, the Marathi (Indian) movie—Shoor Aamhi Sardaar (We are brave soldiers) based on social issues. Ganesh also acted in this film as well as wrote and produced it.

Based on social issues, Ganesh’s films demonstrate his passion to bring about a positive change within communities.

In 2018, Australian writer Dominique Mayfair was inspired by Ganesh’s life story and wrote the novel The Pursuit of Dreams based on it.

Ganesh participates in social activities in Sydney’s southwest region, helping the disadvantaged get jobs, accommodation etc.

Ganesh conducts free seminars and events in Parramatta to help people prepare resumes for work and motivates them to find employment and accommodation.

Ganesh speaks to The Indian Sun on his political plans.

★ Why did you join the United Australia Party (UAP)?

I joined UAP in 2013 because both other parties, Labor and Liberal, have failed the Australian people. They fight each other on the same issues, leaving millions of Australians disappointed.

★ Give us an insight into your political views.

Senator Fraser Anning gave an anti-Muslim and anti-migration statement just after the NZ massacre, and then few days later the links between the gun lobby and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson were exposed.

If elected, I will propose to investigate this gun lobby scandal and the conspiracy behind it to make Australia safe.

UAP is the only party to propose this, as all other parties are helping ‘One Nation’ indirectly get elected to the Senate.

UAP is proposing ‘reduced tax rates’ and ‘tax-deductible home loans’ which will ultimately help Australian families buy homes or invest in properties.

Labor’s negative gearing policy will damage the property industry and reduce prices of homes.

We are also proposing that all Australian minerals be processed within the country, thus creating job growth.

Also, we want the trillions of dollars holed up in the super funds to be used to benefit Australian people.

We want to support our farmers, their products and create local job growth.

For youngsters, we will be creating more job support and higher skilled education to help them find local employment easily.

We want to invest more into hospitals and our education system to support Australian families.

For older generations, we are proposing more support through improved aged care and health care and early access to super funds.

As a UAP candidate, local entrepreneur and local Australian I have tried my best to support the people of Parramatta through my seminars and motivational speaking, and I would continue to do so.

★ What’s your vision for the people of Parramatta?

I have a strong, positive vision for the people of Parramatta. Many schools in the Parramatta electorate don’t have air-conditioning and other important amenities.

Also, there is a need to set up a world class university campus in Parramatta, as the current one is comparatively smaller.

If elected, I would propose all this in the Federal education policies. We are also looking at supporting those who are seeking employment.

Through our party’s policy to make home loan tax deductible and reduced taxes, I want to help people buy their first homes in Parramatta.

Also, I will make sure that there is no homeless-ness in Parramatta, as currently there are hundreds of people here in that state, and the government does not care about them.

I want to announce that, if elected, when any constituent in Parramatta needs an appointment with me I will come to their house with my staff, instead of them trying to get to my office because I believe that a Member of Parliament is a pubic servant, and should be available for all those in his electorate.

★ How will the Indian community benefit from UAP and its policies?

There are more than 500,000 people of Indian origin in Australia. But there is not a single Member of Parliament either in state or at the Federal Parliament in Australia.

UAP is the only party, which has supported me and other candidates from multicultural backgrounds. If elected, it will help us put the issues of Indian and other migrant communities on the Federal platform.

If elected, The UAP will propose changes to the Parents visa system, and will allow ‘longer stay visas for parents (15-20 years)’ for much less visa fees.

★ How will UAP stop China from acquiring strategic assets in Australia?

If elected, UAP will change the Federal laws, which will prevent any foreign power from acquiring strategic assets in Australia such as ports and airports. This is a serious national security issue, and no other party except the UAP is serious about it.

★ What is UAP’s stand on Australia’s foreign policy with India? 

India is becoming a strong economic power in the world and UAP wants to boost international trade as well as stronger cultural ties with India.

★ How will the preferences work for UAP in Parramatta and rest of the state and country?

Currently the preferences are not known, as the candidates list has not been formally declared by the AEC yet.

★ Who are your role models?

My role models are Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama because these are the great legends who fearlessly worked to bring peace and prosperity to their countries and to the world.


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