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Elvis Martin from Victoria advocates for social justice

A passionate young leader from Victoria, Elvis Martin, who is currently the Ambassador of National Youth Commission Australia and RU OK? Day, has for four years been working towards supporting young people who are experiencing hardships in life. “My areas of advocacy include mental health, homelessness, domestic violence, suicide prevention and LGBTIQ+ community,” says Elvis. Just last month, he won the International Young Leader of the year for 2019.

Elvis uses his personal life experiences to educate others in community and influence decision-makers to create better policies. He serves the community by supporting and bringing people out of their hardships and by making them feel proud of who they are. “After experiencing difficulty in life and paddling many personal hurdles, I want support those who are going through similar experiences. I know what they are going through,” says Elvis, who is a national Homelessness report advisor.

Last year, Elvis represented Australia internationally when he met the Queen of Netherlands, Current and former Prime Minister of Netherlands and two former Prime Ministers of UK. “I also meet three Nobel prize winners and many inspiring leaders from around the world. In 2017, I represented Australia at the UN for sustainability and urban agenda,” says Elvis, who co-founded the Youth Action Council and is ambassador of National Youth Commission Australian.

Elvis also works with ‘Night of Kindness’, where the Commissioner and other leaders gather with the community to talk about issues such as homelessness, mental health, domestic Violence, LGBTI community and indigenous rights. “I also work on educating parents on how to accept their children being part of the LGBTIQ community as well as speak to young adults on how to be safe and come out,” he says. In fact, Elvis was the first young person to be part of diversity gender and sexuality committee for rainbow tick accreditation.

  • International Young Leader of the year 2019
  • Most Wanted leader (giving to the leader who is wanted everywhere) 2017
  • The young person for 2018 award (local government)
  • Premier leadership award 2018 (state government)
  • Diversity Hero Youth award 2018 (state government)
  • Meritorious award 2018 Local government
  • Appreciation certificate from Victoria police
  • Appreciation certificate from the council to homeless persons.
  • Certificate of recognition from Melbourne City mission for 2018
  • Certificate of appreciation from Red Cross 2019
  • Youth homelessness advocate 2018


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