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Manu and Archana Salaria
Manu and Archana Salaria

Manu and Archana Salaria on their journey to being one of the best builder & property developers in the Indian community

Entrepreneur with his own license as a builder with residential and commercial expertise, property development, building supervision, finance consultancy/brokerage and land division, the accolades for work well done surround Manu Salaria at his office. “But I never let myself forget my journey,” he says.

It was the fear of being broke, says Manu, which spurred him on to never let an opportunity pass him by. The Pharmacy graduate, who had worked in India as a medical rep for eight years, arrived on Australian shores in 2008. “My first job was as a cleaner,” says Manu. “But Australia, as you know, is a land of vast opportunities.” And Manu grabbed every one that came his way.

Manu worked in various jobs from offsider of truck driver for rubbish collection to pizza delivery driver, before he decided to study finance. He then got the opportunity to work in one of the largest building companies as a consultant. “After gaining experience in the building industry for about four years and studying Cert IV in construction, I launched my construction company TRV Homes in 2013 and became one of the first Indian builders in the SA community,” says Manu.

After celebrating his fifth year in the business, Manu co-founded property development company Global Constructions in 2018. Manu started his own developments with other stakeholders under Global construction. His profile doesn’t end here as he has co-founded SA investment and property development which specialises in property development and investment.

But it isn’t just all work with Manu, who believes in giving back to the community. He is associated with the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sports Club to encourage sports in young children and adults as well as the Punjabi Association SA, IAASA Adelaide, Punjab Aussie Association SA, and SA Police.

“We also support a few local cricket teams,” says Manu. He also contributes to the ISKCON Temple and is an integral part of organising social events such as Karva Chauth, Garva and Dandia.

“Women’s empowerment is another area in which we want to work on and focusing on training and employing women in our organisations is just an initiative. We are pleased to be a support to “Shamshir”, which raises awareness on women and child abuse,” he says.

“As a migrant I was a little unsettled when I came here. But it also made me work harder, learn faster and embrace risks. It was this attitude which helped me to get ahead,” he says.

His support, says Manu, comes from his wife Archana Salaria.

“Recalling the initial days when I landed in Australia in 2008 with my family sometimes feels like a total shift in my career. Becoming a professional house designer from a science postgraduate is something which would have never been possible without my family’s support. In addition, Australia as everyone says is the land which gives wings to one’s dreams; and I am no exception,” she says.

After teaching for six years in a couple of high schools and in an attempt to experience something new, Archana joined her husband’s new venture “TRV Homes” in 2015 to help him manage the company, but realised soon enough this was where she belonged.

Her passion for building houses goes back to the days when she used to go through the architectural books of her father being a child and felt in love with the fanciful house designs in those books. “Although my background is teaching, the earnest desire of creating living spaces was always with me throughout these years,” she continues. This love for giving a sense of place pushed her to pursue this field and within no time she took over designs and selection as her prowess. The journey so far has been exhilarating and self-explanatory. “Starting from scratch and till date learning every moment. And when you enjoy what you do, the sky is the limit.

To describe her profile in a few words, she is one person that you can count on for multiple roles, from visualising the design to finalising the selections to achieving the articulated look of the house and giving it an edge every customer dreams of.

“I always look forward to starting each day on a positive note and enthusiasm, as for me optimism and an upbeat attitude are the key ingredients for a healthy outcome to be presented before my clients, who have always believed in me. I am quite sure I’ll maintain that forever,” she says.


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