471 ‘peace letters’ written to President to urge support for international law on cessation of war

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155 Attendees at Peace Letter Day

On 16 March, around 150 politicians, religious leaders, and youths, women, journalists attended ‘HWPL Peace Letter Day’ in North Sydney Council, Australia, an event held to urge national support for the implementation of the international law for peace. Peace letters were written to the Prime Minister of Australia, at this event hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) and International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG).

The ‘Peace Letter Campaign’ is one of the activities of the International Youth Peace Group (IPYG) that urges heads of state to submit the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) as a resolution.

The Youth Is Putting Peace Letter in Mailbox

Ten articles and 38 clauses of DPCW were drafted by the HWPL Peace Committee comprising international law experts from 15 countries and proclaimed on 14 March 2016. It contains provisions for ceasing all disputes and for achieving sustainable peace.

“We are traveling around the world, and to achieve a peaceful world, and to cease all wars,” said Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, at the event. “I’m going around to tell people about the need for DPCW. Schools are sending writing letters of peace to their presidents. There so many letters, they will read at least one.”

The MC explains about Peace Letter Day

Maria Lidia Heriques, Consul of East Timor in Sydney, emphasised the importance of DPCW as representing the voice of the community. “It is imperative that leaders of the world, especially Australia, listen to the voice of the community for peace and stability by adopting the DPCW.”

Deputy mayor Stephen Barbour said, “I am struck by the will and volunteering energy of you, the youth, across our planet for a just cause. Now, it is Australia’s turn to also support this cause! Thank you for your passion and let’s show fellow Australians that this is something worthy of their support.”

Stephen Barbour and Patricia share their impression of Peace Letter Day

There were 471 peace letters written at the event to be delivered to Prime Minister of Australia. As of March 2019, a total of 165,782 peace letters were delivered to 8 national leaders, including the President of South Africa and Indonesia. In addition, the number of signatures for support the DPCW amounts to a million including personal support letters.


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