Snake removal a phone call away

By Our Reporter

Residents are being reminded that a snake catching service is available to residents free of charge.

Wyndham City Council provides a professional snake catching service to remove snakes from residential properties within Wyndham, at no cost to residents.

Wyndham City’s Environment and Sustainability Portfolio Holder, Cr Heather Marcus, said if you see a snake on your property, phone Council even if it is after hours to arrange for our professional snake catcher to remove it.

“We will arrange for the snake catcher to attend as soon as possible,” Cr Marcus said.

“If you find a snake on your property, remove your pets and watch the snake from a safe distance. Do not approach it,” Cr Marcus said.

Snakes are very common particularly in warmer weather and may be seen around houses and yards, warns the Council. They are usually passing through and will be gone within a few hours. Keeping your lawn short and yard free of debris such as timber, bricks and rocks will reduce the likelihood of snakes in your yard.

The service is provided free of charge to Wyndham residents, and can be accessed by calling 9742 0777.  It’s important to note that if you choose to contact a snake removalist independently, without going through Council, you will be responsible for any cost incurred. 


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