Saru Rana receives Global Peace Award

By Our Reporter

Prominent social activist Saru Rana was awarded with a Global Peace Award by Adelaide Pakistani Women Association during the celebration of International Women’s Day.

Ms Rana was presented with the award for her extensive work in social work against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.

This award is presented to people who have worked diligently for global peace and are known for their humanitarian contributions in the society with a series of lifetime achievements and substantially rich experience as adept social activist.

Founder of a not for profit organisation, Shamshir—A Human Rights Campaign, Ms Rana has sought to create a harmonious world among diverse cultures. Born and bought up in India, after moving to Australia, Ms Rana took up initiatives in promoting peaceful relationships between diverse cultures. One of her biggest challenges was organising MILAP (meaning ‘to unite’) to promote harmonious relationships between nations.

She has also hosted the Women Of Wondrous Worth, a series of interactive workshops exclusively for women where she was able to bring women from 21 different communities together to create awareness on cultures.

“Teach them young, Team them Right” was another of Ms Rana’s initiatives, where she focussed on sensitising children about child sexual abuse. Working in South Australia for the last nine years, Ms Rana has launched several initiatives including The Dark Discussion, Open Shutter and many more including events to be held at the Parliament House of Adelaide. She has also been involved in various charity projects that support new migrants.

Speaking to the media, Ms Rana said, “I am honoured to receive the Global Peace Award this year, when the India-Pakistan relationship is facing its most serious escalation in decades. APWA, run by Ayesha Fariha Safdar, is now officially Shamshir’s sister organisation in spreading peace and harmony among communities. I thank APWA recognising my contributions. I would like to express my gratitude to all women who are in favour of global peace, and all volunteers of Shamshir—a human rights campaign.”


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