Wyndham City Mayor releases Draft Parking Strategy

By Our Reporter

467 additional public parking spaces added

A new strategy designed to better manage parking and ease of access throughout the Werribee City Centre, is now out for public feedback.

Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Mia Shaw, encouraged Werribee City Centre customers, workers, business owners and residents to have their say on the Draft Werribee City Centre Parking Strategy.

The Draft Strategy has been developed from research and traffic analysis in the City Centre, as well as feedback from customers, residents, business owners, workers and other stakeholders.

“The Draft Strategy is an important part of delivering on the community’s desire for vibrant, safe, welcoming and attractive places for people,” Cr Shaw said.

The Council is now encouraging people to have a read of the recommendations to improve parking in the City Centre and help guide the final outcome.

Cr Shaw said a key component of the Draft Strategy is the delivery of 467 additional public parking spaces as part of the revitalisation of the City Centre.

“As well as delivering additional public parking spaces, the Draft Strategy recommends making parking more convenient for customers by increasing parking time limits, creating more options for long-stay parking and improving the turnover of car parks in Station Place,” Cr Shaw said.

“The Draft Strategy also recommends that we retain free on-street parking throughout the City Centre, and to phase out the all-day paid business parking permit system that is currently in place. We’d replace the fee-based business permit scheme with free short-term 3 hour parking and a pay per use system for long-stay parking at the city’s five large off-street car parks at Cherry Street, West End, Gateway, Riverbend Large and Wyndham Cultural Centre, with the ability for workers as well as customers to be able park there all day for a very small fee of a couple of dollars,” Cr Shaw said.

The move would increase access to long-stay parking to all city workers, with greater choice and convenience for all-day parking in central locations and also enable customers to spend more time in the City Centre enjoying its attractions.

“We also endorsed our Accessibility and Action Plan, outlining Council’s commitment to making Wyndham more accessible to people living with disability. This commitment is highlighted in the draft Werribee City Centre Parking Strategy, as we’re proposing to build an additional six car parks in convenient locations dedicated to people with disability, bringing the total number within the City Centre to 61. “Whether you live, work, run a business, commute or enjoy the City Centre as a visitor—we want to hear from you,” Cr Shaw said.

Community consultation is now open, with the opportunity to help shape the Draft Werribee City Centre Parking Strategy and provide feedback on the key recommendations. There will also be a Pop Up Community Info Session in Station Place on Saturday 23 February, 11am-1pm.

To read the Draft Strategy and provide feedback, visit: https://www.theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au
For more information on the redevelopment of the Werribee City Centre visit: https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/werribee-city-centre-redevelopment


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