Why Royal Golden is the most popular reception in Greater Dandenong


Meet Sher Alam, the man behind the Royal Golden Reception in Dandenong. Launched in September 2017, and specialising in weddings, engagements, corporate functions, birthdays, and special events, accommodating over 300 people, the Reception caters to all cultural communities.

Sher Alam, who was born in Afghanistan and now resides in Melbourne, says the main intention behind establishing Royal Golden Reception was to bring communities together. “It just grew into one of the most popular places in south eastern Melbourne,” says Alam, adding that is it one of the few receptions in Melbourne that has received over 20 bookings over a month.

Sher Alam (right)

Those who have opened an event space know that it’s an industry based on helping people have a good time, creating a flawless experience that makes sure everyone who attends enjoys themselves. For Sher, this was an accomplished goal.


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