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Who's Who of Sydney's Indian Community 2018
Simrranjit Siingh

Simrranjit Siingh (Entrepreneur)

Simrranjit Siingh arrived in Australia in 2009, and says what struck him most about the country was how it gave a ‘fair go to everyone’.

Having worked in the travel industry for almost 15 years—his first job being a travel desk executive at The Park Hotel, New Delhi—Simrranjit started his own business in April 2013.

Simrranjit believes that “Growth is an expansion as well as an ageing”, but adds that his business mantra is: “Your reputation is here to stay. Protect your personal reputation and brand, as well as that of your company, by building an image that’s meant to last.”

As for what he does in his spare time, well, it’s travelling of course.

The way I see it

Advice to entrepreneurs. Get your head in the game.

I believe. “Spend wisely. If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need” — Warren Buffett

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