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Who's Who of Sydney's Indian Community 2018
Simmi Wadhwa

Simmi Wadhwa (Entrepreneur)

Simmi Wadhwa started her Australian journey in 2006 as a student and rose to become a successful entrepreneur.

“It was challenging but at the same time very enjoyable and a matter of pride for me, especially the journey from an overseas student to a business owner,” she says.

“My first job was in a café, six days a week, coupled with five days of university as well. It was a very challenging life lesson, as for the very first time in my life I had to touch and cook non-vegetarian food, having been a vegetarian all my life,” she recalls.

Simmi’s start in the real estate industry was quite by accident. It began when she and her partner sold their Sydney home through a traditional property agency. The whole experience according to her was “lacklustre”. She failed to understand the secrecy surrounding the sale and why the reigns of control were completely taken out of the hands of the client. She then realised that things could be done in a better way and decided to start her own venture, “one where real people help you sell your home your way”. In order to make this happen she armed herself with the required credentials, but had her share of disappointments. People in the industry were quick to brush her aside as they thought she would not be able to put in the long hours required as a mother of young children.

Simmi carried on relentless, and in 2017 started her own business, Foreal Property, which challenges the traditional property market operates. “I see Foreal Property as a victory for all who have had their talents underappreciated or undervalued due to their personal circumstances. Our team has mothers, fathers, and those who simply want the flexibility to live their own lives. Foreal Property is about REAL people working together to achieve REAL success,” she says.

The way I see it

Advice to entrepreneurs. Always dream big.

My motto. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

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