Cointree partners with Melbourne-based Caleb and Brown


Cointree, one of Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, is partnering up with Caleb and Brown, a rapidly growing cryptocurrency brokerage firm to provide their members with high-end investment services.

Caleb and Brown is a boutique consultancy firm, which provides tailored digital currency solutions and access for a niche investor population in the Australian market. Their experienced brokerage team take clients through a full process, including information and education, wallet setup and security, crypto tax assessment, buying using any major fiat currency, assisting clients with diversification and rapid liquidation of their positions into fiat currency for the investor looking to exit the market.

The partnership will see both companies providing complementary services for different segments of the cryptocurrency market. Cointree’s platform caters for new investors and the more conventional investor while Caleb and Brown provide tailored services to the high net worth and more advanced investor.

“I believe that the partnership with Caleb and Brown will be beneficial for our high net worth members who would want a smooth and easy process when it comes to making large investments of up to $5 million per individual trade in cryptocurrency,” said Shane Stevenson, CEO of Cointree.

Dr Prash, CEO of Caleb and Brown, said that he felt partnering with Cointree created a more comprehensive service offering to his company’s client base, allowing them to cater to all tiers of the investing community.

“Caleb and Brown welcome such partnerships as an essential component of our larger aim – a unification of the crypto community to bridge the big gap that exists between the traditional finance industry and the new, emerging fields of FinTech,” Dr Prash added.

Cointree will be launching their new platform with a brand refresh over the next few weeks, early access is currently available and members can enjoy a zero percent commission fee on their coin to coin trades until public launch.

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