Proactive’s the name of the game

Proactive’s the name of the game
Karan Sharma

From selling dream homes to life on the red carpet, Karan Sharma’s life is a PAIG-turner all the way

If Karan Sharma had a middle name it would probably have been “proactive”. So, it’s no wonder he has called his business PAIG (Pro Active Investment Group).

PAIG ( is a one-stop shop for all things real estate. Are you looking to find your dream home? Need conveyance done for your house purchase? Do you want the best interest rate for your mortgage? Property management? Need legal services? What is the current market value of your property?

PAIG steps up to deliver all these services and more to its investors. PAIG has its offices in Sydney CBD, Pyrmont and Martin Place.

Proactive’s the name of the game
Karan with Sonu Nigam

The unique feature of PAIG is that it is an online platform and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Karan has built a network consisting of business partners and associates who are the experts in their areas of practice such as in accounting, building, buyers agent, development services, financial planning, financial services, insurance, legal services, property management services, property rescue and property valuation.

Originally from Amritsar, Punjab, India, Karan arrived in Australia as a student and completed his degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Western Sydney.

Karan has always been an entrepreneur at heart. During his college days, he had started his own business, selling mobile phones from the back of his van, gaining tremendous experience in running his own business.

Next, Karan joined the Harvey Norman group as a salesperson in one of its stores. Impressed by his performance, the franchise owner offered him an opportunity to manage a branch, for which he was hand-picked by Gerry Harvey under the Graduate Program. The Blacktown store that Karan managed was amongst that Top 10 Harvey Norman stores in NSW.

Karan with Bollywood actor John Abraham

But he could not ignore the entrepreneurial bug in him, and started PAIG to service the real estate industry in Australia, in a convenient and seamless manner. Thus, PAIG was born in 2008 and is being passionately driven by Karan “PAIG” Sharma.

Karan is a real estate license holder and has built an impressive portfolio of real estate investments for himself, including his dream shack in King Street Wharf, Darling Harbour. He is passionate about real estate investment and wishes to share his experience and knowledge with others through PAIG.

Today’s world is full of disruptions to the norm. Classic examples are Uber and Airbnb, which have shaken their respective industries to the core. The real estate industry is not immune to disruptions and there are disruptions happening in the real estate world too. Some examples are Purple Bricks, Sale by Owner etc.

Proactive’s the name of the game

So, how will PAIG face up to these game changers? Karan says that PAIG is part of the disruption rumblings and will adapt to ever-changing needs of consumers with the help of digital technologies.

PAIG has a Technology Division called PAIG Technologies that offers end to end solutions to its clients in areas such as mobile apps, websites, e-commerce and CRMS solutions. PAIG Technologies manages the network hub for PAIG, while the PAIG Academy deals with education in real estate and holds seminars and events for public education and awareness.

His mantra to success? “Having a vision and a positive attitude, and adapting to change by being innovative,” says the 29-year-old, who loves his cricket and has won many trophies along the way. Karan adds that he has now set his sights on ‘showbiz’ and is interested in organising Bollywood concerts to entertain Indian-Australians.


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