A conversation every Steemian should read


Conversation between @davidpackman and Steem team member Andrew (@andarchy). They talk about Smart Media Tokens and how the Steem team is working on simplifying the login process.

On the challenges of the complicated process to sign up on Steemit:

@davidpackman said how Steemit wishes to eliminate some hurdles. He said we are working with people behind Steem Connect. The same people who are behind busy.org. They will be handling the user interface. Steem Connect is the Steem community’s answer to Facebook Connect. It will be the easiest way to sign in to any Steem application like Dtube, Dlive safely and securely.

You can follow the progress on github. That’s the open source of repository where all the codes are suggested, approved and implemented.

Will there be instant account creation?

That’s where hard fork 20 comes in. Hard fork 20 enables the free account creation. Steem will create a quota of bandwidth that will enable developers to create free accounts that can be distributed. We want to make it easy and cheap to create an account. For every account you create on the blockchain there is a fee. You got to pay in the form of ether or something but you got to pay the fees. We are the pioneers of creating free account.

The problem with creating free accounts is what if someone can create 4 million free accounts and spam the Steem blockchain. Spamming is a major concern. We just cannot allow this to happen. The challenge is to ensure that only real people can create an account. In the coming months sign up will not be so complicated. But it won’t get much easier for people who are trying to exploit it. It won’t be as easy as creating a Facebook account. They don’t care if most of their accounts are fake. They like that it inflates their numbers.

Does the fluctuation of SBD or Steem play a role on what Steem Team are doing?

Weirdly enough we don’t talk about it as much as you think. We are one of the few projects that has anything of substance. It’s a volatile world, we are focused on engineering. We are focused on the long term. We are not going to pump this token and maximise takings in USD. Our goal is to create a great project.

Is the future of Steem connected to the future of Crypto or bitcoin?

Bitcoin definitely drives interest in Steem and steemit.com. But I don’t think we are inextricably tied to them.

David feels that Bitcoin will continue to invite attention because it’s the first and the biggest, etc. But at some point he feels it will reach a saturation point. Bitcoin is not a protocol coin. It doesn’t serve a purpose exactly. Ethereum is a protocol coin. You can do programming on that blockchain. You can use that blockchain to power applications.

Steem is a great blockchain that can store content, we have a great blockchain that can store coins. It’s the most scaleable blockchain. Why don’t we empower and enable the entrepreneurs in the present to leverage this to their advantage. These entrepreneurs want to leverage this technology to their benefit. That’s what we are trying to do at Smart Media Tokens.

The white paper says: “SMTs are a successful evolution of the successful relationship established between Steem and social media websites like Steemit sitting atop of it. Steemit has grown to be a top 2100 website in the world based on Alexa ranking in less than a year.

“With SMTs, any website or content library across the internet may have one or more tokens integrated into its interface to facilitate fundraising and autonomous growth.”

On content creation, @andarchy tells @davidpackman

It’s a content creation game. Steem token are the points. Points are traded on exchanges where they acquire monetary value. You need more followers. You need to create as much content as possible and try and maintain a high level of quality. The way the Steem blockchain works is, it’s a lottery but it’s a lottery where you can increase your odds of winning over time. The more content you create, the more followers you get, the more the odds of winning that lottery. If you have 5,000 followers and if 100 of them were influential then the odds of one of two of them seeing your content is very high.

Also a lot of non-influential people equal one influential person. You can go for quantity or you can go for high quality people.

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of execution.

Your target should be to get 5 per cent followers every week. It takes time, it takes effort. Make connections.

It’s about incremental improvements overtime. It’s a great place where you can meet great people that are actually not from your real world. You can establish real friendships on Steemit.


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