Let’s Connect!

Joshinder Chaggar


I’m Joshinder, the new ‘Art, Culture & Music’ editor for The Indian Sun.

Being an artist myself (dancer, actor, performance art, writer, producer) I am passionate about all kinds of art and even more in the lives of the artists themselves.

For me, art is always personal and cathartic.

I started off as a Bollywood dancer/choreographer in 2000, then went on to study modern contemporary dance, and moved to Sydney in 2003, where I delved into Dance hall, Afro Cuban, Samba & other exciting styles with Melange Dance.

In 2007 I moved to Karachi and that’s when things really changed. I started to teach Movement for Actors at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) and moved into experimental dance theatre.

At some point in my 10-year stay in Karachi, I fell madly in love with the city. With its people, and its challenges. Apart from my passionate love affair with theatre and dance, I also got intimately involved with a spiritual Sufi group, a meditation centre, a writer’s club, a cycling club, an organic farmers market and the Performance Art scene. My last major dance theatre production was titled, ‘A Love Letter to Karachi’. It was my way of saying thank you to the ‘roshniyon ka shehar’ (City of lights).

July 2017 brought me back to Melbourne after 14 years. My family migrated to Australia in 1990, and I grew up in Geelong. Ever since the first time we crossed the West Gate bridge in our car and Melbourne came into view, I knew this was my dream city. Over time thoughts of Melbourne lingered in my being like a distant memory, the details blurred. Now I am slowly in the process of re-discovering the magic.

The underlying word or theme for Melbourne that comes to my mind currently is connect. And the buzzing spoken word scene, the music, the dance, the festivals, the food, the coffee, the diversity has once again sparked a romanticism. Perhaps I’m just a hopeless romantic!

I look forward to discovering events, people, stories in this gorgeous city and sharing them with you all.


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