Grains and gains

Sanjiv Dubey at the 7th Indian Executive Club Awards

Sanjiv Dubey certainly knows the pulse of Australia

When grains are ingrained in your system, there’s just no escaping it. And Sanjiv Dubey has no complaints. In his words, he lives and loves the agri trade and there is nothing else he can imagine doing.

At the seventh edition of the Indian Executive Club Awards, celebrated at Sofitel in Melbourne on 18 November, Sanjiv was won top honours as an executive leader. The awards recognise and honour achievers from the Indian Diaspora, who have made their mark in the community.

Sanjiv is an experienced international trader, having traded in India for 11 years, and Malaysia for 6 years, before migrating to Australia in 2001. So it was without a second thought that he immediately launched into the agri trade in Australia with OzEpulse. “I loved it, got the business to grow and flourish before I sold it to Gardner Smith in 2010,” says Dubey.

Two years later, he went back into exports as GrainTrend, which is actively involved in the export of grain and pulses. Currently a director of Pulse Australia, and an executive committee board member of Global Pulses Confederation (GPC), Sanjiv is also listed as an “approved arbitrator” in the peak grains industry body, Grain Trade Australia, which would involve arbitrating any disputes within the Australian agricultural industry. Owing to his sound understanding of the pulses and grain industry in Australia and overseas, and having dealt with Australian growers and trade participants across the globe, Sanjiv is also a board member on the executive committee of the international pulses body CICILS IPTIC.

Sanjiv Dubey accepting the Executive (Male) award at the 7th Indian Executive Club Awards

“The GPC board pursued a proposal initiated by us with the United Nations (UN) in Rome who ultimately declared the year 2016 as the International Year of the Pulses (IYP). During IYP, Pulse Australia under my guidance conducted various events in Australia to promote the consumption of Pulses in Australia. Similarly, I was involved with various global events to promote IYP, and have donated chickpeas and funds towards the cause,” says Sanjiv.

“I handle trade in both bulk and containerised cargoes,” says Sanjiv, who holds a Master’s degree in Economics with majors in International Trade, and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

GrainTrend is actively involved in the export of pulses, durum, wheat, barley, red sorghum, white sorghum, oilseeds and cottonseed, and the company, steered by Sanjiv’s vision, GrainTrend has developed a network of customers in various parts of the world, including the Indian sub-continent, South East Asia, China, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. GrainTrend also sources pulses, wheat and feed grains from Russia and Ukraine. In Australia, GrainTrend maintains close business relationships with growers, packing plants, country merchants, grain brokers and the Australian grain trade.

“The company prides itself in maintaining a strong reputation amongst industry participants through its professional and highly experienced personnel, ethical practices and robust business systems,” says Sanjiv. A vision that has resulted in success. GrainTrend closed the FY June 30, 2017 with a turnover in excess of A$125 million, and is among the largest exporters of pulses from Australia.


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