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Who's Who of Melbourne's Indian Community 2017
Deepti Alurkar

Deepti Alurkar—Entrepreneur

Ten days after she arrived in Australia in 2009, Deepti landed her first job—working in the insurance industry. “My job was to travel throughout Australia and meet clients at their residence and have a holistic conversation with them about their wealth and protection needs”, says Deepti who is now Director of Myaar Wealth Management Firm.

“It was very daunting being new to the country visiting strangers residence and driving long distances in Australia. It was challenging but it was a pass to explore the country, learn skills and local know how to deal with clients”, says Deepti, who believes it was this job that helped her build her confidence in the new land.

For most part of her career Deepti has been a banker with the Westpac Group along with establishing Mums Dance Club which is a dance and support group for mothers with over 250 members. Deepti works closely with Melton Council to support local women and encourage them to pursue their dreams and passion.

“I am passionate about helping people and also assist them achieve their financial goals, that’s what I am here for,” she says.

A different side

I believe: Be better today than yesterday

What I love about Australia: This country rewards you for your hard work and lets you grow and succeed

What I love about India: India teaches you how to adapt, the country teaches you grit

Favourite hang-out in Melbourne: Anywhere, everywhere… I love it

A must-read: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

My advice to budding entrepreneurs: Success is just round the corner, wait for the right turn

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