The musical evolution of Darwish

Young Afghan singer and music instructor hopes to start music classes for aspiring artists
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Young Afghan singer and music instructor hopes to start music classes for aspiring artists

Music is a way of life. It’s his way of life. It’s music, says Afghan singer Darwish, that reminds me to enjoy every moment of life.

“I dedicated myself music, and it is the hard work that I put in that has led me to where I am today,” says the singer and music instructor. Darwish, who is adept at both the harmonic and piano, plans to begin teaching music in Australia soon.

In the field of music for 13 years now, Darwish studied Indian classical music for about 9 years under the guidance of Ustad Ehsan Irfan. Born in Afghanistan, Darwish lived there for 22 years before migrating to Melbourne.

“I had taught classical music at a government institution in Afghanistan for about a year, before my opening my own private music course for students eager to learn classical Indian music. I have released five songs accompanied by their video clips all shot in Afghanistan, and am hoping to now pursue my musical career here in Australia,” says Darwish, adding that his single biggest piece of advice for youngsters seeking a career in music is to study music and learn as much as they can from their teachers or those who inspire them.

“In today’s society it is easy for everyone to create songs and video clips, but in my opinion a good musician must first study, learn and put in the hard work to create something that will become a success and that people will love,” says Darwish, who adds that his greatest inspiration is ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan. “And of course, sing from the heart.”


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