Tashan star takes Adelaide by storm

Adelaide welcomes Preet

One of the world’s most famous Punjabi music stars, Preet Harpal, is back on his Australian tour with Sunanda Sharma and Akhil on board. The singer and Bollywood actor—who has a huge global fan base—performed at The Adelaide Town Hall on Sunday, 25 June.

Also known as the King of Tashan, Punjabi superstar Preet hails from a small town in Punjab and entered the big world of Music in 1999. Since then, the talented singer, writer and actor has given us many hits. He is not just a singer but also a performer and can take the audience breath away with his music. The superstar rocked Adelaide with his Punjabi music!

“Adelaide fans are some of the most passionate and I attribute a lot of my success since I last performed here in 2014 to them,” Preet told The Indian Sun. “The band and production team have been working hard to make this show memorable.”

Punjabi Tashan: Sunanda Sharma, Preet Harpal and Akhil
Punjabi Tashan: Sunanda Sharma, Preet Harpal and Akhil

Preet’s Perth show on 24 June (a night before Adelaide) was sold out. With limited tickets available for the remaining tour dates in Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

From ‘Tann’, ‘Black Suit’, his blockbuster ‘Wang’, ‘Law’, ‘Raah’, ‘Naklaan’, ‘Maa’ as well as Bhangra anthem ‘Red suit’ and ‘Kangana’, Preet sang them all.

Effortlessly switching from contemporary to religious songs, Preet has had an illustrious career in music that has contributed to his worldwide stardom. Preet spent over a decade making music before making the crossover to movies in 2010. He appeared in the blockbuster film Myself Pendu, one of the most successful Punjabi films of all time, for which he became favourite among the youth in Punjab. It is no surprise his Perth event was sold out!

The organisers of the Adelaide event, Narinder Bains from Blue Moon Productions, Navi Agnihotri, Deep Ghuman, Manveer Sharma and Kamal said there was so much last-minute demand that concert tickets were available at the counter.

Sunanda Sharma

Sunanda Sharma who is also on the Tashan team, started her career in music by uploading songs to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. She became popular when her rendition of Kulwinder Billa’s song ‘Sacha Soorma’ went viral. She was then given a chance to sing a single track with Amar audio. “I’ve never learned music but I am working very hard now. I am also learning dance specially Gidha and Bhangra. I never thought I would become a singer and now that I am here, I know what a difficult job it is,” says Sunanda, who is all set to make her debut in Punjabi cinema with Gadri Yodhe.


Akhil, another ‘Punjabi Tashan’ concert performer is a well-known Punjabi singer, most famous for his soulful rendition of slow melodies. He shot to fame with the Punjabi song ‘Khwaab’, which is was a hit among teens.

The trio’s performance at the ‘Punjabi Tashan 2017’ was mind-blowing to say the least. As promised, the show delivered a night of amazing live performances.


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