Chain up to face the world of snow


Now I am not being “kinky” here and talking about some sort of bizarre bondage. In the world of snow you must, not negotiable, take chains when driving up the mountain to the snow fields during the snow season.

Sometimes we think the rules are not really necessary and most times you won’t need to fit the chains, but the law states you must carry chains.

It’s not a difficult process but it isn’t a pleasant process when fitting chains. It’s usually cold and the procedure is dirty, so make sure you take a spare pair of work gloves. Also take a thick piece of cardboard (old box), to kneel on. When you watch the video you’ll understand. Girls, this is where you can pull the excuse of “having just painted your nails” to get out of what I see as a guy’s responsibility.

Infrequent snow bunnies usually hire the chains, rather than go out and purchase the chains. The outlets are on the way to the snow fields and they are really helpful. They will give you a demonstration on how to fit the chains at which time I’d suggest you video it on your phone. There’s a couple of things you have to remember and it’s always easier to see something being done then reading those directions on how to do it.

  • Hand brake on and the car in gear.
  • Place the chain over the tire, holding it at the top and letting it fall down evenly over the front of the tire and wheel. Obviously, the bottom of the chain can’t cover the part of the tire that’s touching the road: just do what you can.
  • Once you put these chains on with the ring around the inside of the wheel, you can connect the bottom of the ring. Usually you’ll need to grope around under the car by the tire. See girls, boys work eek
  • Once the first chain is evenly and securely on the three-quarters of the wheel not touching the road, put the other chain on the other tire.
  • When both chains are on, drive forward less than a meter to expose the part of the tire previously touching the ground. Put the brake on again, and finish securing both chains. Tighten the chains, by using a closer link where they close.

There’s all different types of chains and it’s actually a good idea to ring ahead and reserve the chains—at that time the outlet will ask about the make and model of your vehicle to ensure they have your requirements.

Watch the video below as it is far easier than reading directions.


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