Passion for fashion, hungry for success




Prakash Mirchandani knew he had two passions in life—food and fashion. And when he came to Australia in 1973 he knew he would follow those paths to make a life for himself.

“My childhood passion was food. We come from a poor family where there was never enough food. My second passion was fashion because it was literally unattainable for me. When I came to Melbourne, I worked in Myer as a manager in men’s suits. I had my own shop from 1975 till 1978,” he says.

In 1983, Prakash opened his first restaurant—Amber—in St Kilda. “I was working in Myers at the same time.” He then opened his second restaurant—Tandoori Den in Camberwell.

While both restaurants were doing well, he was sure he had hit on something big when he heard about the owner of Royal Nut Company looking to sell.

It was on hunch that he bought this company.  “I put everything on the line. I needed a million dollar loan. No one would give this to me. There was no guarantee.”

He finally got his assets together to pay for the company. Now that it’s done, Prakash says he is a content man.

“We are happy and growing. People come to us.”


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