Follow your heart




Manjit Singh always wanted to do something different.

“In 1998, when I got here, there was a mentality that Indians should stick to labour jobs. But I wanted something else. I had inherited a sharp business acumen from my dad and I did not want to work for someone else,” he says.

He got his first idea about what his future would look like working at a Mobil station. He was very keen on selling mobile phones and accessories. “We were just overseas students. We had no idea what to do. I had a friend working in a mobile accessory shop. I said we should do something together.”

Location was never a question in his mind. He had been in Hawthorn through the good times and bad and saw how the area was changing. Although he went on to acquire many other stores in other suburbs, Hawthorn was where it all began.

“We focused on Indian customers. We spoke their language and soon we were getting customers from all over Victoria.”

He has since sold the business he started in 633 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, but Manjit has not forgotten his climb to success. “People will try to make you go along with the herd but it’s good to do your thing.”


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