Man of mettle




Madhur Gupta had completed his engineering degree and was working out how to set up his business in India when he heard all about Australia from a friend.

So he came in 2003 to pursue a degree in Business Administration and to see if he could set up a business here. “When you are a student you can’t do much. We had to find a job to make some money to live on,” he says.

He remembers his birthday in September 2006 very clearly. “I had nothing. Not even a dollar and the finance company came to take away my car. I remember calling my friends and asking for help but no one could help. At that time, I was totally shattered. I realised that if you have money, you have power.”

That’s when he decided to set up a metal recycling company and employ people who needed help. “I did not want anyone to got through what I had gone through.”

When he started Manhari Metals in 2007, it was quiet. “The next year was better,” he says, adding that over time he narrowed the focus of his business to scrap metal. In 2009, he bought another business in Horsham. “It was an existing business and that was a good move. We started making money,” says Madhur, whose wife Pooja works with him.


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