Band of brothers


Three siblings get together to form the Naseer Brothers band, climbing to the top of the Afghan music charts for their pop, rock and soul-stirring music

The Naseer Brothers band is one of the most in demand and popular groups in the Afghan Australian community. The band is formed of the younger siblings of Asad Badie, one of Afghanistan’s finest artistes, though the elder brother says he is not behind their success. The band, says Badie, has established itself as one of the most successful Afghan Australian bands as a result of the crew members’ hard work and dedication for music.

For the Naseer brothers working together as a team and incorporating their ideas in their music comes naturally though for each of them the music journey started at different times.

Mirwais started in local bands in Kabul and he joined a popular pop band called Lahla Ha (the Tulips), which included troupe members Sedique Shubab, Rohulla Roheen, Farid Samim, Hamid Gulestani, who currently are the leading artistes in the industry. It was in this band that he learned a lot about singing and performing; it helped him make the transition to professional musician.

Bareq started as an amateur singer in Germany until he moved to Melbourne where he was motivated to perform along Mirwais who was already an established name in the circuit. He started taking vocal and guitar lessons locally and worked his way up.

Tamim was passionate about music since childhood, heavily influenced by his elder brother. He started taking drums, piano, guitar and electronic music production lessons while he was at high school, joined a school rock band and slowly absorbed Afghan pop music genres into his repertoire. He later pursued education in music arrangement, studio and live sound engineering, video production and lighting that helped him become a music producer. While Tamim has produced all their albums and music videos, Bareq and Mirwais are the song-writers.


The members talk to The Indian Sun about their music style and influences.

How do you describe your music style?

Our music style is generally Afghan pop and we have experimented with different genres of music in our albums and singles such as Afghan folk, Latin, classical, pop and new age.

What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?

The endless endeavour to learn, experiment, perform and produce music of different genres inspires us. To be motivated we basically focus on our progress and get other professional’s critiques to assess our performance as well as the comments from our listeners.

In your opinion, what are the best things in the musical world? 

Definitely, the joy of learning, performing and producing music.

What do you like/dislike about the industry?

If you work hard and pour your heart out into your music, it eventually pays back and you get the recognition you deserve and in the same time leave a legacy behind. What we don’t like about the industry is that sometimes artistes have to follow industry demands even if they do not like it.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

As much as we would love to do this for living, unfortunately we have to have a day job to survive in this society. Our only hobby after work is our music.

If you were to perform a duet with an Afghan female artist, who would it be?

We would say maybe Khanom Hangama.


Your recent music video “Khosh Amadi” is a chart-topper. Was this something you expected?

We wanted to write a song in Persian style, utilising the Persian Zarb/tonbak with Persian violin in the style or dastgah of Isfehan. Luckily it came out well. We kind of expected this song to get more positive reviews than our earlier songs.

Has coming from a musical family and having Asad Badie as a brother made it any easier for you to do well in the industry?

It has made it both privileged and difficult. The difficulty is that the bar is always set high because we are Asad Badie’s younger siblings. But this is a challenge as well as a privilege.

What are the main themes for your songs?

Our biggest strength is that our beloved mother Shakila Bahana Naseer writes almost all our lyrics.

Our song’s themes differ and we would like to keep it diverse from romantic to nostalgic and patriotic. We have collaborated on a patriotic song with famous Afghan singer Younos Aziz.

What are your musical goals?

Our goals are to be active, compose, write, produce and perform fresh music and develop our craft.

Do you have any current projects?

We have several projects. The one we are currently working on is a live cd/dvd project collaborating with different live musicians in an ensemble setting.


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