Got a plot in mind?


Dream home plans can often times be turned into a reality

Buying a home here in Australia, for the most part is something that has been engrained into our psyche. Home ownership in Australia is a right we all believe we have, and owning our “little plot” in this country gives us a sense of security other purchases don’t seem to match.

However, with land prices constantly increasing it is becoming more and more unaffordable for many to get into their first home, and they are faced with the hard choice of renting or moving further away from the CBD than they first intended.

There’s strong debate these days for the case of renting and using the money normally invested in the purchase of a property, into a strong investment portfolio, which may achieve stronger returns.

We’ve been brought up with the adage of rent is “wasted money”, but on further reflection this may not be the case as reported in an online article with sbs news.

Buying a house isn’t just about making a profit though―if it were, it would be easy to just look at a bunch of figures and make a decision. Home ownership is about having the right to paint a wall a certain color, hang a picture on a wall without obtaining permission and make the place we live, into a home where we feel we belong and it reflects our individualism and we can build memories.

Buying and selling the homes we live in is a very personal thing for many of us.

BMPG specialises in business. Whether we are dealing in commercial property, investment property, purchases from overseas clients or trying to get someone into their first home, BMPG analyses each client’s individual needs and assists the client in making decisions in tune with their requirements.

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