Happy people, happy business




Fiona Gomez moved to Melbourne in 1990 and was enrolled at University High School. “My very first friend at school and my first friend in Australia, Jacqui, lived quite far away from me, so we used to study together after school at the State Library. I have very fond memories of this time,” says Fiona, who adds that it helped build a lasting friendship with Jacqui, that’s going strong even 26 years later.

“Good leadership is about building strong connections with people. The better you can communicate, one on one, in groups, and with an audience, the better you are able to build relationships, create influence and inspire teamwork. Then, high productivity and superior achievement is inevitable,” says Fiona, currently regional manager, business banking, with Bankwest.

A passionate sales leader she believes that if you inspire the people you work with, anything is possible.

Fiona has worked with professional service firms for both their individual business requirements as well as referral and reciprocal business opportunities. Fiona has experience working with clients from industries such as manufacturing, retail and professional services.

“Happy people lead to happy customers and that leads to great business results,” believes Fiona.


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