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Kangaroos in Bournda National Park

Retreat to the laidback town of Merimbula and let the sea do its thing

Merimbula, although a quiet little town, nestled along the south east coast of NSW, it is by no means boring. For anyone wanting to get away from Melbourne or Sydney it’s roughly a six-hour drive between the two cities.

However, if driving that distance doesn’t turn you on, then lucky for you Merimbula, has its own airport, being serviced from Sydney and Melbourne by smaller regional operators.

Merimbula is a town that has grown and developed around water and as such is rich in a broad range of diverse water activities. Throw in a line and see what you come out with. If you are better than me you may land yourself a fish! Swimming is high on the list along with surfing, boating, lake cruises, scuba diving, sailboarding, kayaking and canoeing.

Lake Merimbula lies at the mouth of Merimbula River and Merimbula has grown as a seaside retreat around the hills of Lake Merimbula.

As soon as you enter the town of Merimbula you can feel the change of “pace”, and you immediately know you’ve left the “rat race” far behind.

However, if you can’t see yourself in or on the water then put on your walking shoes and explore the natural pristine habitat that surrounds the town.

The Merimbula boardwalk is an easy walk around the northern shoreline of the Merimbula Lake and takes about 90 minutes to complete. Whether you decide to walk, run or ride around it, it’s the marine life, vegetation and views of the lake that make it a walk worthy of consideration.

Explore The Bournda National Park, a treasured secret with more than 200 species of bird life, grey kangaroos that let you get fairly close, swamp and red-necked wallabies and an abundance of other critters.

Bournda Lagoon, Bournda National Park
Caption: Bournda Lagoon, Bournda National Park

Bournda Lagoon is an ideal spot within Bournda National Park, near North Tura, where kids can swim, fish and go paddling and picnic among the paper barks.

Only a short walk from the car park, the lagoon is easily accessible. Sheltered and shallow, it’s a safe environment for children to swim and paddle a canoe to their hearts’ content. There are also plenty of shady spots for a picnic or just to relax and feel a million miles away from civilisation. This is where you hear the birds and not the car horns. Bring your fishing rod, and when you’ve made the catch of the day, spark up a wood fire barbecue and cook up a feast.

Unfortunately, whale watching has come to an end around Merimbula, as the whales have finished their southern migration.

It goes from around May to November, during which time these majestic mammals put on a show breaching their magnificence. It’s hard not to be impressed by this sight.

Merimbula is famous for its oysters, tranquil beaches and holiday vibe, and is a place that suits a great family holiday.


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