Big dreams, big Australia




Ashwin Bora is one of the Victorian management committee members of the Australia India Business Council (AIBC).

“I feel what China was to Australia ten years ago, India will be to Australia in the coming years,” says Ashwin, who came Down Under 11 years ago as a student.

“Having lived in Mumbai, my first memory of Australia was how open it was, how wide the streets were,” he says.

His impressions of a college campus were also turned upside down. “La Trobe in Bundoora was over 550 acres. I often had to take the bus to go from one lecture to another,” says Ashwin.

His first venture was called, which he created to address challenges faced by new international students at the time. “It was built as a platform to connect—basically a gum tree of today.”

In 2007, after uni, Ashwin joined global consulting firm Accenture as a management consultant. “I learnt a lot about being a global corporate citizen.”

Ashwin, who was the director of the India Australia Exchange Forum which he set up along with Vijeth Shetty sees great value in promoting closer ties between India and Australia.


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