To study further or not to?


Students can now walk or Skype with experts at International Students Access, for free

If you are an international student in Australia and wondering about your next step in terms of higher education, how about asking someone who was in the same position as you?

The International Students Access (ISA), a free service, provides international students both living and studying in Australia with access to a team of leading education experts dedicated to providing customised advice. The ISA team has been hand-picked as they can identify with international students, originally being international students themselves.

So students wondering about whether to upgrade an existing course, or study further in Australia, or who need translation services will probably find valuable advice in ISA. Through the StudyLane platform ISA has access to thousands of courses across hundreds of institutions in Australia.

ISA’s founder Pino Migliorino, has passionately dedicated over 30 years to working with multicultural communities in Australia. “In setting up ISA we were motivated to help international students make the best possible choices about their ongoing studies here. We’re here to listen to them, to understand their needs and to help them make the best decisions for their future while both living and studying in Australia,” said Pino.

For international students living and studying in Sydney who are looking to upgrade either their course or direction, or who just simply want to talk to someone about their studies, ISA’s premises are located at Level 2, 276-278 Abercrombie St, Darlington NSW, within a 5km proximity of some of the key leading education institutions.

For international students living and studying outside of Sydney, ISA will be hosting Skype sessions that will be conducted by ISA’s education experts. To find out more about ISA’s services or how ISA can help, visit the website or drop in to their offices at Level 2, 276-278 Abercrombie St, Darlington, for a free session.


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