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Ruchi Sanghi dance Company

Taal Se Taal Mila is a musical soiree that celebrates Hindi cinema, past and present

A group of talented Sydney siders are coming together on the evening of 27 August 2016 at UNSW Science Theatre to enthral music lovers of Sydney with melodious songs of the past and present.

They very aptly call the program ‘Taal Se Taal Mila’. I spoke to Arun Nanda, the master mind behind the creation of Taal Se Taal Mila about the program and he said, “Taal Se Taal Mila is a musical soiree to celebrate some of the most beloved songs of Hindi cinema.”

The melodious singing will be matched by the brilliant dancing by the students of the Ruchi Sanghi Dance Company. The evening will provide the audience with a lovely mosaic of both the classic and the popular, the old and the new. There will be elegance and there will be entertainment.

Jasmine, who is the member of this eclectic team, has a voice texture that is classically trained and has shared the stage with the likes of Udit Narayan, Adnan Sami and Govinda. She has had numerous shows in Sydney and overseas and continues to enthral the audience with her uniquely earnest and authentic singing style.

Priya hails from the musically renowned Dass family of Fiji. She is endowed with a very pleasing and versatile singing style and is a recorded artist.The next female voice in the team is that of Srijani. She is a natural singer and has the compelling combination of talent and training. An artiste who has sung professionally, Srijani has an unmatched style of rendering enchanting and powerful music that separates her from her contemporaries in Sydney. Those who have heard her sing say that her rare and entrancing voice continues to resonate in the minds of the audience long after her performance. Srijani will emcee the program along with Shailja Chandra.

Shailja is a well-regarded radio broadcaster and a writer with a natural flair for event facilitation. She will weave the whole program together coupling her unique style stage management with a natural spontaneity and wit. Shailja will also delight the audience with her singing.

For many years, Arun Nanda has been entertaining the music lovers in Sydney with his cheerful and melodious singing. He is loved for his unique voice texture and he looks forward to mesmerising the audience with songs from the Golden Era. Jagpreet, a powerhouse of musical energy will produceon the stage a rare combination of melody and magicwith his high intensity renditions of a varied range of songs. Jagpreet, who is well known for creating unforgettable musical experiences, has won numerous awards including the prestigious Indian Australian Idol in 2011. Gul is the youngest member of the team but his talent belies his age. A musician in his own class, Gul is all set to captivate the audience with a singing style that is distinctively intense and instantly charming. One of the most loved artists of Sydney, Gul has carved a niche for himself. A recorded artist, he has rendered his voice to the songs in the movie UnIndian.

The live music for the evening will be provided by Viva. Viva came into being when some of the ace musicians in Sydney decided to merge their musical energies.With its unmatched talent and enthusiasm, Viva will rock the audience and provide the perfect accompaniment to the talented artists. Taal Se Taal Mila seems to have all the ingredients for a great entertaining evening… All one needs to do is partake in the entertainment.

Taal Se Taal Mela

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