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Masterclasses for aspiring professionals

We all strive to achieve a happy and fulfilled life, but often that desire remains as a dream. When faced with life challenges, we often lack the skills and tools to navigate confidently towards life success.

Mind Make Up is not just about getting people’s attention, but empowering them to act. We communicate with passion, industry experience, and innovative and practical tools that transform people’s lives inside out.

Did you know, whether you’re extremely challenged or at the top of your game, you hold a tremendous emotional power you’ve never learned to fully use? Your thoughts govern your feelings and activities. Feeling good transforms people for the better, making them more optimistic, resilient and socially connected. The Mind Make Up workshop is aimed at harnessing the power of mind. It offers subtle practices to connect with the heart and grow and benefit. It is about feeling good and looking fabulous inside out.

The workshop provides simple tools to capitalise positive emotions to achieve confidence and success in life. Through discussion and experiential exercises and self-reflection participants will gain practical skills to overcome challenges and engage in life more fully. It is training for the mind to wake up, pay attention, be astute, and consciously conscious. The awareness brings clarity and relives stress and many life challenges and work place issues are associated with stress and anxiety.

The Mind Make up workshop helps participants gain greater use of positive coping skills such as engaging and prioritising.

The outcome of Mind Make Up is a brand new you. Brand new energy with emotional well-being, physical vitality and beauty and connected to like-minded people supporting your growing, lasting positive change. You create beauty, which nurtures self-growth and development.

Workshop trainer Shibu Jose of the Joy News Network began his career as a social worker rehabilitating street children then to be certified teacher bringing knowledge power to the community. Human empowerment and transformation through yoga and psychology led him to Shanghai.

He successfully developed and delivered various well-being programs for the public and corporate clients for over a decade. It is during this time he co-founded Joy News Network to provide education and training in practical positive psychology, personal growth, mental health and well-being.

After a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology at Melbourne University, Jose conducts workshops to facilitate people to put into practice strength-based practices that amplify passion and creativity and build flourishing and resilient individuals and communities.

Investment: $35pp includes Refreshments
Date: 20th August
Time: 10am to 12:30pm
Venue: Quest on Lonsdale
Address: 43 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000
Registration: info@zapata.org.au

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