From shining cars to building homes


After learning the ABCs of the car wash business, PUSHPINDER KUMAR is set to test the property development market

Pushpinder Kumar is a mechanical engineer with a background in real estate and hails from the city of Panchkula in Haryana. After migrating to Australia in 2008, he worked in the field of sales for a year before starting part-time in the real estate industry. In 2012 he bought ABC Car Wash as he saw an opportunity for a lucrative business and soon made it a roaring success. He says he is now ready to move back to the area that he is passionate about—Real Estate as a developer. “This year I am getting into real estate to pursue my dream”, he says.

Buying a business is the easy part, but making it work in order to start earning an income comes with many challenges. Pushpinder says that the first six months after he purchased the carwash was a rough patch as he struggled with lack of finances. But he was able to tide over this period with his grit and determination. This also brought with it rich rewards as ABC Carwash has been voted the best car wash in the Blacktown area for the past 4 years. Pushpinder considers this a great feat and says that his service has earned him a number of very loyal customers. He has clients who are bureaucrats, professionals and corporate executives. While some of his corporate clients include leading and reputed car dealers in Blacktown and to add to that a few of them have also been voted as No. 1 car dealers in the region of Western Sydney.

Pushpinder has come thus far with his hard work and exemplary work ethics and aims to continue to do so even when he moves into real estate. He understands that there is no substitute to clients who will return time and time again as they see value for the money paid. He has been living by his motto which is “Go after your dreams and if you’re passionate money will follow”.

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