ABC networks with ethnic media to foster multicultural coverage

ABC Ethnic Media

On Tuesday, 24 May, Danuta Kozaki, Senior Reporter from ABC News, organised a networking lunch for media personnel from different multicultural publications. While The Indian Sun represented the Indian media, there were journalists from the Armenian, Turkish, Arabian, French, Lebanese, African and Chinese media. The meeting was also attended by other news reporters and journalists, from the ABC that included Philippa McDermott, Shane McLeod and Sally Jackson among others.

ABC as a national, independent media house is interested in working with the multicultural media groups to give the reported news a more holistic approach. They are interested in knowing the take of the different multicultural communities on various national and local issues.

Among the various topics discussed were issues of perspectives and trust. There seemed to be a lack of diversity in the approach towards some communities which led to stereotyping and creating an air of mistrust. The ABC wants to open doors and work with the various communities, thus establishing a well balanced approach.

The incidents of domestic violence and dowry deaths in the Indian families based in Australia were also raised and the importance to view it from a national perspective was impressed upon as it is very important that we do not let archaic Indian beliefs and customs corrode the lives of Indian families living in Australia.

Going forward, the Indian Sun will be working closely with the ABC to address such issues. The Indian Sun’s weekly newsletters will also be used as a platform to enable this. The Indian Sun’s website will have a link to the ABC homepage thus allowing readers to easily navigate between the two sites. Interesting times ahead.

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