Australian Asian Alliance to host conference on Race and Identity

Australian Asian Alliance

Asian Australians make up nearly 10 per cent of Australia’s population, however, there is a lack of representation in mainstream decision making roles (political, corporate, media, not for profit and academic sectors). The other major problem is that even within the gender equality debate, Asian Australian women are not necessarily included.

As Asian Australians, there is a perception and stereotype in society that the community has achieved a lot of success economically, socially and professionally. This may be true to a certain extent, but it is also a myth in other ways.

The inaugural Asian Australian Alliance (AAA) Conference on 7 May titled and themed ‘Race, Identity, Advocacy – Where do Asian Australians belong?’ hopes to address these issues via dialogue, consultation and outcomes as well as formally launch the AAA as a national body.

Within the broader Australian LGBTIQ movement, there is a lack of connection and involvement of Asian Australians and the issue of discrimination in terms of race remains. The Asian Australian youth, the future, need to understand, be mentored and be empowered to take on more leadership roles as well as learn how to push the envelope.

This will be a structured panel style conference which will address this problem. Where mainstream society has accepted the “bamboo ceiling” as a major barrier, this conference will look at the “bamboo ceiling” in the context of the Asian Australians.

The conference is on Saturday, 7 May, 2016, between 9AM and 6PM, at Seminar Room G08, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne.

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