Dance it out or Just Beat It


“Beat the heat, beat the cold, dance it out, discover the bold.”

Inspired by pop star and dance legend Michael Jackson, Just Beat It is a group that stands for expressing inner strength and self-belief through dance. A mix of children as young as 5, and as young-at-hearts as young as 40, this close-knit group of dance enthusiasts includes teachers, make-up artistes, IT professionals, and high-school and primary school students, each bringing their own style and personality to the group. Such is the bonding in the group that it lends itself as an extended family enjoying many outings and picnics together.

Shuchi, the founder of Just Beat It, has seven years of training in dance in Jazz, Contemporary and Hip-hop. Mother to seven-year-old Sia, she manages home and her passion for dance. Moving to Melbourne in late 2013 from Gurgaon (India), where she had set up a dance academy Stayin’ Alive with more than 50 students, she thought she had left her dream behind. “But as they say, once a dancer always a dancer, I just couldn’t keep away from dance,” says Shuchi. All those years of dancing and training in studios, conceptualizing and participating in corporate annual day dance events, choreographing and conducting live shows and the daily routine of Stayin Alive were not easy to suppress for too long. And that was how Just Beat It was born in July last year in Melbourne!


Shuchi concurs with the title of a popular Bollywood movie ABCD (Any Body Can Dance). She believes that through dance not only do you express yourself with a sense of freedom and enjoyment but you become fit, agile and stress-free.

“Just Beat It breaks the mold of regular dance training centers and takes a different approach of experimenting and exploring ways to contemporaries dance. The training is not just confined to four walls in front of mirrors and is as much fun if not less in the open air and lush green parks,” she says.

With the core of the group formed, Just Beat It wants to light up the stage and showcase its talent with its performances in the upcoming events and festivals.

If you wish to know more about Just Beat It or would like to join the family, please email at

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