Cambur Pinton takes pulse of Venezuela across Australia


Cambur Pinton is a Melbourne-based musical group dedicated to promoting Venezuelan music in Australia. Formed by a mixture of both Venezuelan and local amateur musicians, with various degrees of formation within the music industry and wanting to share their passion for Venezuelan folklore music, the groups forte is their performance of joyful rhythms with string instruments, percussion and voices. Some of those rhythms may be accompanied by dancing performances by the Venezuelan dance group ‘Caribay’ which takes the whole musical experience to another level.

After being participants in several cultural events, Cambur Pintón has become a symbol of Venezuelan culture and traditions in Australia. The ensemble interprets Afro-Caribbean music, a style with a rich history of Venezuelan music post Spanish colonisation. Joropo, Aguinaldo, Parranda, Golpe, Gaita, Calipso and Fulia are some of the genres that best tell our people’s stories and the European influence on an indigenous culture.

The group is formed by six Venezuelans and one Australian. We hope our music can give other people a glimpse of a rhythm first performed by slaves, but which progressively turned into a joyful expression that knows no geographic boundaries.

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