The Mahi machine


Tennis, gymnastics, swimming, there’s no stopping this ace

Swimmer Mahi Khore, a Northcote club Champion for the year 2014-2015 in her age group, has qualified for the Metro Inter district (all four regions) on 8 November, comprising 10 top swimmers from each region. Mahi will represent Metro North.

Ten-year-old Mahi got her first swimming lesson at the age of eight months and according to her parents showed confidence from the first splash onwards. By the age of four, Mahi was already mastering freestyle and back stroke. And by five, moved to breast and dolphin kicks. By seven, she was a force to reckon with, quite literally a “shark” at school (the name of the team comprising the best swimmers in her school).

She was also promoted to squad training at Northcote Swimming and Aquatic centre, which is usually reserved for pro swimmers. “Around this time I had also started my gymnastics training and have got as far as backflips and the balancing beam,” says Mahi.

In 2013, she started tennis lessons and became the one to watch out for on court. “She showed great improvement in her strokes technique and feet movement in a short span of time,” says her coach George from Thornbury Church of Christ Tennis.  Mahi has since won several awards and trophies in tennis, winning her first individual trophy at Currawong Tennis Club in March 2015.

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