On a clean streak

29 May 2012. BRW. Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director of Keen To Clean. Photograph by Arsineh Houspian. +61401320173 arsineh@arsineh.com Brijesh Purohit02.jpg

With their cleaning business, Brijesh M Purohit and Jignesh Prajapati are not just tidying up homes and offices, but the service industry as well

It’s been more than a decade since Brijesh M Purohit — at that time a new immigrant to Australia — and his friend Jignesh Prajapati decided it was time for a fresh start in the cleaning business.

Their business, known today as Keen to Clean, specialises in domestic and commercial cleaning and currently has multiple franchises across Australia and India and hundreds of active operators. Their comprehensive range of services includes office, commercial, school, child care, carpet, upholstery, and home cleaning, as well as hard floor and garden maintenance, and rubbish removal.

In the last four years, the group has won more than 10 awards from the Franchise Council of Australia, MyBusiness, IEC, Business Excellence Awards and ActionCoach. It has also has also been ranked in BRW and The AGE.

Purohit, the founder, immigrated to Australia early 2001 to complete his studies, shifting from Ahmedabad to Melbourne. As a new migrant, long-term work was nearly impossible to find and he found he was constantly battling racial stereotypes while working as a cabbie or contractor.

That was when he began dreaming of starting his own business. He identified the cleaning industry as being most in need of a structured business system that offered stability and reward for hard work. It was also an industry that had a bad reputation. He and his friend Prajapati joined hands to begin a contractor system that placed focus on setting new standards for organisation and quality services.

In 2009, the company rebranded itself the Keen to Clean Group and entered the franchising sector in 2009 and has enjoyed steady national growth since. The critically acclaimed managerial structure means that expansion and daily operation progresses without issue.

In 2012, the group expanded into the Indian market representing a triumphant full circle for the pair and success in both their first and their new homelands. The operation has consistently grown and is now able to operate with nearly full autonomy.

The following year, the group pioneered the flexi-franchise, an ultra-low cost franchise model that helped lower the investment wall for contractors whilst offering all the support and protection of investment. The group sold more than 20 franchises in only one year.

Clearly, the group wants to prove it is Keen to Clean.

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