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Rohit Gupta’s RG Recruitment offers tailormade solutions to companies seeking the right employees

Recruitment is like a jigsaw puzzle — it’s all about seeing the larger picture and learning to fit the right resource in the right role. And that’s what RG Recruitment is most successful at. Whether it is the field of customer service, education, management or finance, hospitality, travel and tourism, administration, retail or sales and marketing, RG Recruitment is committed to offering personalised service. As one of the company’s mission statements promises — we work to find solutions, not raise issues.

RG recruits temporary, casual, contract and permanent staff, while also making suggestions to candidates on what courses they can undertake to increase their employability.

Rohit Gupta, as the founder-head of RG Recruitment, commenced his working career as a F&B attendant at one of the most luxurious hotels in Melbourne whilst studying his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Finance, Human Resource and Marketing in 2000. After completing his MBA, Rohit worked in the banking industry where he gained experience working with the major banks in Australia such as CBA, NAB and ANZ at Executive level positions.

Rohit then decided to make a change in his career and join the vocational education and training sector in 2006. Two years later, Rohit had the opportunity to work as the industry manager – financial services with one of the 11 Industry Skills Councils directly funded by the DEEWR (Federal Government’s Education department). During this tenure Rohit consulted with employers around Australia to find out the skills and knowledge employers require in their staff.

From 2006, Rohit has been undertaking number of qualifications in training and assessment, project management and auditing to keep himself up to date with the job market. In 2010, Rohit decided to start his own consulting firm to assist various employers to recruit and train their staff to enhance the productivity and to achieve desired organisation goals. University & VET studies and ‘hands-on’ experience worked perfectly to develop ongoing relationships with employers and candidates in this consulting role that spread across Australian boundaries and overseas.

Rohit established a successful boutique travel company in 2012 after recognising the need to have a luxury and personal travel agency in Australia. That was when he realized that there is a massive demand for a specialist recruitment agency for education, finance, travel and hospitality industries where the staff turnover is really high and employers find it hard to engage qualified and skilled candidates.

And that marked the beginning of RG Recruitment.

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