Sanjay Patel is OFBJP South Pacific convenor


Businessman Sanjay Patel has been appointed Convenor of OFBJP South Pacific. At the Grand Marion function centre in Harris Park, a team of BJP leaders headed by Ila Ganeshan made the official announcement regarding Patel’s appointment to the OFBJP position. Patel was nominated to the position of convenor of parliamentary and legislative affairs of OFBJP earlier this year by the BJP. This nomination has been confirmed now with the additional responsibility of spreading the BJP’s values and political agenda in the rest of the South Pacific. The BJP’s appointment letter acknowledged Mr Patel for his past efforts in promoting the interests of the BJP in Australia. Particular mention was made, in the appointment letter, of Mr Patel’s work in coordinating friendly ties between Australian and India.

Speaking at the function, OFBJP member Arunesh Seth outlined the future plans to strengthen trade and ties between Australia and India. Mr Seth requested the visiting BJP leadership to help the OFBJP’s efforts to embark on a program of collaboration between the cities of India and Australia.

Mr Patel also launched the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce at the function. In his speech he said that this business body will aim to promote trade not just between Gujarat and Australia but between Australia and the rest of India.

Published in The Indian Sun

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