A campaign in UAE to bring Indians, Pakistanis closer


An entrepreneur in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched a campaign to promote goodwill between expatriates from India and Pakistan, a UAE daily reported.

Tanya Daud, whose father is from India and mother from Pakistan, has launched ‘Baat Karain’ or ‘Let’s Talk’ to help expats from India and shatter myths about each other’s community through communication, The National reported Monday.

“There is a lot of curiosity and not everyone has access to each other. So why not go ahead? …I think what is lacking is nuanced narrative about each other, especially when it comes to Pakistan,” Daud said.

She wants Indians and Pakistanis to wish each other happy Independence Day, post short video clips, share old photos and discuss ways to dispel stereotypes.

Pakistan’s Independence Day falls on Thursday, while India’s is on Friday.

“I really want that those who are supporting the campaign should also start conversation, share and even raise an issue… Converse with people across the border and understand each other and have a better picture about each other,” Daud was quoted as saying by the daily.

She hopes that both country’s embassies and diplomats in the UAE will get involved.

“Officers working in embassies are also people who have questions, curiosity and biases. If these confusions end, then I am sure they will help make things easy for others,” she said.

Daud said the UAE was the perfect place for Indian and Pakistani communities to talk about their misunderstandings and curiosities.

Published in The Indian Sun

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