UTS: INSEARCH fosters strong links with India at Australia-India Youth Dialogue


UTS: INSEARCH Managing Director, Alex Murphy, recently attended a bilateral youth dialogue in India to discuss the importance of connecting higher education to the skills and outcomes students will need for future employment and careers.

Speaking in Hyderabad, India, Mr Murphy joined a panel of experts chaired by Indian School of Business representative Mr Kumara Guru.  The panel also included Vice Chancellor of DAV University Professor R. K. Kohli and Principal Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services Mr Jayant Krishna.

“It is increasingly important for universities to ensure graduates can demonstrate the professional, personal and intellectual attributes which are essential for long-term success,” says Mr Murphy.

“All countries require imaginative and collaborative approaches to build practice-oriented learning for students,” says Mr Murphy.  “The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), is a leader in this area and uses a model of learning that connects professional practice in a global workforce, international mobility, and international and cultural engagement.”

With around 50,000 Indian students studying in Australia last year, Australia’s dialogue and engagement with India is particularly important, says UTS: INSEARCH’s General Manager Market Development, Belinda Howell.

“UTS: INSEARCH is proud to be a major sponsor of the Australia India Youth Dialogue and to encourage strong partnerships between young professionals in India and Australia,” says Ms Howell.

The Dialogue, now in its third year, involved 27 young professionals from both Australia and India who were selected for their leadership in social issues.

Representatives from India included the founder of a charitable trust supporting creative arts for social impact, the founder of India’s first youth policy think-tank, and a university graduate who relinquished her corporate career to become head of her village council.

Australia’s delegates included a humanitarian engineer working in Asia, a leader of the collaborative consumption movement, which encourages people to share resources, and the founder of a social business providing solar products to India’s city tent dwellers.

“The delegates are an extremely impressive group of young professionals who debated and shared ideas on topics ranging from Australia-India bilateral relations and business, to gender issues and the role of media in the political process,” says Ms Howell.

BOX: Australia India Youth Dialogue

UTS: INSEARCH is a major sponsor of the third Australia India Youth Dialogue, held from 27-30 January 2014. The Dialogue is part of an annual platform for the youth of Australia and India to foster enduring partnerships between the two countries, with the location of the event alternating annually between India and Australia.

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Australian Magazine)

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