Yadu Singh urges Indian HC to initiate community consultation on student’s death


Sydney’s Dr Yadu Singh has called for an official inquiry into the circumstances leading to the death of an Indian student in a detention centre. The man had reportedly overstayed his visa. Dr Singh’s call for an inquiry is the outcome of rising community concerns about this matter.

The man was not an illegal maritime arrival. He had been detained in January after overstaying his visa.

Victoria Police are investigating the circumstances of the man’s death.

In his blog, Dr Singh says: “Many members of the Indian Australian community are asking why and how did this happen, and what was done to prevent it, knowing he would have been in severe distress. Full facts are not out at this stage, but we ask DIBP and Minister Morrison’s office to put Indian community in the loop with full information and take them in confidence. We also ask Indian High Commission in Canberra and Indian Consulate in Melbourne to take the community in confidence, sharing detailed information. It is not an ordinary death. A young man came to Australia, with his hopes and hopes of his family. All those hopes are shattered and his parents have to deal with the sad and unfortunate loss of his life. This must be naturally devastating to them.

“Recently, IHAG (Immigration Health Advisory Group), comprising GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, Social workers and Counsellors, has been replaced with a single advisor. I hope this will not impact on the care of people in detention,” Dr Singh’s post says.

To read the full post, go to http://yadusingh.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/people-in-detention-centres-in-australia-should-be-monitored-for-mental-health-issues/

Published in The Indian Sun (Indian Magazine in Australia)

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