India’s power generation capacity doubles in a decade


India’s installed power generation capacity has more than doubled to 234,600 MW in the past decade, the government said Monday.

“India’s power generation capacity 10 years ago was 112,700 MW. It has now risen to 234,600 MW,” Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said presenting the interim budget 2014-15 in parliament.

He said that over 29,000 MW of power generation capacity was added in the current fiscal.

Chidambaram also announced that while seven nuclear power reactors were under construction, the 500 MW fast breeder test reactor in the Kalpakkam nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu will be ready soon.

The finance minister said the National Solar Mission will undertake four ultra mega solar power projects. Another four solar generation plants of 500 MW each will be constructed in 2014-15.

“The interim budget has put the focus back on creating a conducive environment for the energy sector in the country,” said Ratul Puri, chairman of Hindustan Powerprojects that plans to expand its thermal and solar power capacities.

“With the award of 16,000 MW of coal-based power projects or announcement of four 500 MW of solar projects, the government has taken the right initiatives towards energy independence,” he added.

Published in The Indian Sun ( Indian News magazine in Australia)

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